Bridges / Gateways


The TRS bridges / gateways

 are designed for easy and fast data exchange between two independent fieldbuses (DeviceNet, Profibus, Interbus-S, Lightbus). The bridge is like any other slave (baud rate and node number) and does not require any additional programming.  The data size can be set from 1 byte to 64 byte.

The data size is the same for both networks.  If the data size is set to 5 bytes then the masters on both networks have to be configured to 5 bytes input and 5 byte outputs.  Input data of the Master1 are the output data of Master2 and vice versa.

The data size is adjustable and is set by two rotary switches. Valid Data sizes for exchange between two networks are 1 byte (8bit) to 64 bytes (512 bit). To set a data size the value of S3 will be multiplied by 10 and the value of S2 added.  The rotary switches are on the right lower side of the module under a cover plate.



Part Number

Lightbus           / Lightbus


Lightbus-S       / Profibus™


Lightbus-S™   / Interbus-S™


Profibus-DP™ / Profibus-DP™


Interbus-S™    / Interbus-S™


Profibus-DP™ / Interbus-S™


DeviceNet™    / DeviceNet™


DeviceNet™    / Profibus-DP™



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