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Pioneering work on the original fieldbus systems (Lightbus, Profibus, CAN, DeviceNet, Interbus-S) more than a decade ago evolved into a cohesive system of ultra rugged Industrial PCs,
PLCs embedded in PCs, PC to Fieldbus Interfaces and a full line  
"One I/O-System" for all major field buses.

Customized hardware & software, especially in the high speed machine control areas make TRS not only a hardware house, but a full service supplier & problem solver.
In time many of these specialized designs became part of our standard product line. A 200µsec. electronic camshaft or the ultra rugged PC in stamping presses are just two examples.

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Data exchange between two fieldbus controlled machines?

Our Bridges between two networks with the same bus or our Gateways between different busses not only solve this problem, but also allow fully adjustable data length and are as easy as adding a node.   


Industrial PCs

Fieldbus PC Interfaces


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