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Bus Coupler


More flexible and economical system layout

One bus coupler handles up to 64 I/O segments.

The bus systems and their couplers are listed to the top right. Please click for different flavors and standard / low cost versions.  

There are I/O Segments for almost any conceivable requirement and in 1,2 or 4 channel versions.  The segments can be arranged in any sequence and the coupler automatically maps the I/O addresses (starting with LSB) without any additional programming.  Please click to the right for the different I/O terminals. Do not miss out on the many specialty  I/O terminals such as thermo coupler, position controller, pulse width modulation, RTD communication and more.

The KS2000 software allows you to linearize your analog in- and outputs to your specific devices, create offsets, compensate errors, set signal filtering and much more.

Talk to us about your application.


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