Fox Series

Bus Coupler


TRS Fox Modular I/O System

is an ultra rugged I/O system consisting of a Base Module with the ability to add up to 4 sub-modules containing up to 64 Digital I/Os. This durable system consists of an extruded aluminum base that allows modular configuration with the sub-modules and is impervious to shock and vibration.

Sub-modules include digital and analog inputs and outputs, and specialty devices that can be combined in any desired configuration. Because the base and sub-modules are completely isolated from each other, low current input sub-modules can be installed next to high current output sub-modules.

The FOX System is more than a fieldbus module. Since the Base Module contains a micro processor ( 80C165 ) it is possible to customize a solution for you ( such as signal pre-processing, drives and positioners, etc, ). Simply contact application engineering for assistance.


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